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3 how to redirect dynamically from mvc controller method with status code 301 instead of status code 302?

3 Glyphicons with Bootstrap 3 not working on some browsers randomly

3 How to maintain consistency in a variable that is shared among several threads in Task parallel library?

3 How to migrate or make fresh copy of a repository from GitLab to GitHub?

3 how to get the last column used/last column that has some data in a excel file programmatically by using C#?

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6 There are few ways to achieve this in MVC View. 1) by using double @@ in this case you can write your code as follows: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@@context" : "", "@@type" : "WebSite" } </script> 2)by using @Html.Raw method in this case you can write your code as follows: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@Html.Raw("@context")" : "", "@Html.Raw("@type")" : "WebSite" } </script> 3)By using @() to simply write string inside the brackets ,in this case your code will become as: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@("@context")" : "", "@("@type")" : "WebSite" } </script> All the above three will do the trick for you.

5 Hi, First of all one thing is for sure that this error's nothing to do with Visual studio Version , now there are few things which you need to check to resolve this error as follows. 1)Make sure your project and solution are running in debug mode. 2)Make sure you have unchecked the Optimize Code property under project properties. Project (right Click)--> Properties --> Build (tab) --> uncheck Optimize code 3)Make sure you have enabled Use managed compatibility mode option. by going to : Tools --> Options --> Debugging --> General -->Use managed compatibility mode 4)Once Clean and rebuilt your solution.

4 yes, it is possible through css and you can use following css class to limit/crop your text exceeding 3 lines .limit-to-3-lines{ overflow: hidden; display: -webkit-box; -webkit-line-clamp: 3; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; }

4 Best answer to this question I found on net, which will hopefully clear your concept about the difference between the two is as follows. A Stored Procedure: -accepts parameters -can NOT be used as building block in a larger query -can contain several statements, loops, IF ELSE, etc. -can perform modifications to one or several tables -can NOT be used as the target of an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement. A View: -does NOT accept parameters -can be used as building block in a larger query -can contain only one single SELECT query -can NOT perform modifications to any table -but can (sometimes) be used as the target of an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement.

2 Basically all the information of a git repository in a project is stored in .git folder in that project's root directory, so for removing git binding/mapping or tracking you need to remove that folder and you can add it as new project on git repository, for the purpose you can follow the steps: 1)Go to the root directory of your project and make .git folder visible it is a hidden folder by default.(for windows, open your project folder in file explorer -->view-->Hidden items, enable this check) 2)Open your project's root folder in command prompt and run following three commands where first one will remove everything inside .git folder, second line will remove the .git empty directory and third one will initiate fresh instance. del /F /S /Q /A .git rmdir .git git init Then you can create a fresh clone of your empty git repository and merge your project to that one.

2 For a Quick solution just find "licenses.licx" file in your solution and exclude the file from the project and then build your project again it will be build successfully.

2 You can easily achieve by utilizing the following code chunk. using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection("YourConnectionString")) { connection.Open(); ServerConnection srvCon = new ServerConnection(connection); Server srv = new Server(srvCon); Database db = srv.Databases[connection.Database]; StoredProcedure sp = new StoredProcedure(db, "SelectCustomers"); sp.TextMode = false; sp.AnsiNullsStatus = false; sp.QuotedIdentifierStatus = true; sp.ImplementationType = ImplementationType.TransactSql; sp.Schema = "dbo"; sp.Refresh(); sp.TextBody = "SELECT * from Customer where Customer.Status=1 order by Customer.DateCreated DESC"; sp.Alter(); } Note: For above code you need to add the following namespaces as well. using Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common; using Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo;

2 <script src="SomeFile.js" async /> async downloads the file during HTML parsing and will pause the HTML parser to execute it when it has finished downloading. <script src="SomeFile.js" defer /> defer downloads the file during HTML parsing and will only execute it after the parser has completed. defer scripts are also guaranteed to execute in the order that they appear in the document.

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