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How to migrate or make fresh copy of a repository from GitLab to GitHub?

Description:I have repository currently available on GitLab and I eventually want to migrate it to GitHub but for the backup purpose I want to keep it on GitLab as we are working on it, meanwhile we can create a fresh copy of it to GitHub once we verified it is working fine then we can move to that one, is it directly possible? And if yes then what is the way to do it?

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The easiest way I found for the purpose is by import repository feature. You need to perform following steps to import your GitLab repository to GitHub.

1) Just create a fresh repository on your GitHub.
2)Go to that repository page on GitHub and find the import code option which is at the bottom of your empty repository.
3)By click on the import code option you will be asked for Your old repository’s clone URL (The repository you have on GitLab)
4)Once you import you will be asked for your GitLab credentials as well.

Now it will inform you by email once the import is finished.
Note: Make sure your both accounts on GitHub and GitLab should have proper access rights required for the purpose.

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