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convert my json object to csv downloadable file using jquery or javascript?

Description:I want to convert my json object to csv downloadable file for excel, I am having a simple list of submitted forms and the data is coming in the form of json against a ajax request on a controller method in C# ,that is why i want to convert my json on client side through jquery or javascipt.

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I have also gone through the similar requirements and I have used following code which is working good enough for me.
You can place the following code in a separate js file and link that file to your page.

@namespace Converts JSON to CSV.
Compress with:
(function (window) {
"use strict";
Default constructor
var _CSV = function (JSONData) {
if (typeof JSONData === 'undefined')

var csvData = typeof JSONData != 'object' ? JSON.parse(settings.JSONData) : JSONData,
csvEncoding = 'data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,',
csvOutput = "",
csvRows = [],
BREAK = '\r\n',
FILENAME = "export.csv";

// Get and Write the headers
csvHeaders = Object.keys(csvData[0]);
csvOutput += csvHeaders.join(',') + BREAK;

for (var i = 0; i < csvData.length; i++) {
var rowElements = [];
for(var k = 0; k < csvHeaders.length; k++) {
} // Write the row array based on the headers
csvOutput += csvRows.join(BREAK);
// Initiate Download
var a = document.createElement("a");

if (navigator.msSaveBlob) { // IE10
navigator.msSaveBlob(new Blob([csvOutput], { type: "text/csv" }), FILENAME);
} else if ('download' in a) { //html5 A[download]
a.href = csvEncoding + encodeURIComponent(csvOutput); = FILENAME;
setTimeout(function() {;
}, 66);
} else if (document.execCommand) { // Other version of IE
var oWin ="about:blank", "_blank");
oWin.document.execCommand('SaveAs', true, FILENAME);
} else {
alert("Support for your specific browser hasn't been created yet, please check back later.");
window.CSVExport = _CSV;

Then for the utilization of above code you can just pass your json in the object as shown in the following code

//you can fetch your json in the following variable from ajax request,then just need to pass it in the CSVExport as shown
var yourjson = [{Name: "umer", Id: 1},
{Name: "khalid", Id: 2},
{Name: "etc", Id: 3}];

var x = new CSVExport(yourjson);

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