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What is Cleanest way to check for Null value in Lambda Expressions, C#?

Description:Currently i am using following code and its not working,where Items is a list and GetHierarchicalTaxons("Category") is also returning a list which should have at least a item to pass the condition.

var Items=Model.Items.Where(i => i.GetHierarchicalTaxons("Category") != null);

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You should have used the following code to check for null and check for at least an item exists,In your code you have missed a trick consider if GetHierarchicalTaxons("Category") returning a list with zero items that will also pass the condition in your code.
var Items=Model.Items.Where(i => i.GetHierarchicalTaxons("Category") != null && i.GetHierarchicalTaxons("Category").Any())

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