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App_Offline.htm page not working instead showing "The service is unavailable" ?

Description:I have setup App_Offline.htm page but when I try to enable this page it shows the message "The service is unavailable" instead of displaying the actual App_Offline.htm page.
I have setup the page by looking at the following link, setup the App_Offline.htm page

Posted by: | Posted on: Oct 03, 2022

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For this I believe you just need to setup the error page or if you have already setup the error page you just need to add the entry for 503 error code in your web.config’s httpErrors section as shown.

<httpErrors errorMode="Custom" existingResponse="Replace">
<error statusCode="503" path="App_Offline.htm" responseMode="File" />
Hope this will fix your issue.

Replied by: | Replied on: Oct 13, 2022


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