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How to update Legend / series text of powerpoint chart using VSTO in C#?

Description:I am dynamically adding series items but the series/Legend items always showing text as series1,series2 and so on… but let say I want to update them as my series 1, my series 2, and so on.
I am clueless as there is very less information available regarding the topic.

Posted by: | Posted on: Jan 10, 2020

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hi Samantha,
It would be good if you can provide some code that you have tried so that the answer can be more specific, but as far as I understood your problem you can update the series or Legend item text by using its Name property for example the following code will update its text exactly as per your requirement. You just need to get your chart's SeriesCollection and update the Name for all items in the series collection.

var sc = chart.SeriesCollection();
int counter = 1;
int total = sc.Count + 1;
var seriesTemp = sc.Item((counter));
seriesTemp.Name = "my series" + " " + counter;
while (counter != total);

Replied by: | Replied on: Jan 13, 2020


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