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how to change/update the display order of fields in sitecore backend?

Description:I have an sitecore item using so many data templates containing many fields but I want some of the fields at backend to appear at the top of the item so that it will be easy for the content author to populate the mandatory field first,but i don't see the option to manipulate the displaying order of the fields.

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There is an option available in sitecore backend to control the sort order or display order of individual field or field section as per your liking, for the purpose you need to select the specific field or field section for which you want to change the order and click on " view " tab from the top navigation then check the " Standard Fields " checkbox then there is a " Sortorder " property against the field or the field section by default it has the value 100 but you can change it. for example set it as -100 and it will be on top.

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