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What is the concept/purpose of Layout Deltas in sitecore ?

Description:I was reading an article in which the term "Layout Deltas" used frequently but unable get the core concept/purpose of "Layout Deltas".

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For definition purpose:

"Layout Deltas"

is a way of storing the delta (change/difference) in the values of an item in comparison to its template.

For Example:
-we have set Layout and Renderings in the Presentation Details of the Standard Values of a Template.
-Now we have created an Item using that template and we have made some changes in presentation details of the item, then they(changes/differences) are stored as changes from the original templates — as Deltas — and not as all the presentation details for the item.
-So whenever that item is called/rendered on page, presentation details of the template standard values are referred to, and then what is called is the Delta Section — thus making the complete item and its Layouts and Renderings available.

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