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How to check if the flags enum value has/contains other flags enum values in c#?

Description:For example I have Following flags enum and I have stored a number 7 in the database now I have to check if 7 contains the requested number let say 3(which is for OptionOne and OptionTwo) it should return true, in this way I have to compare a single int value with a single int value for the following flag enum.

public enum MyFlagsEnum
None = 0,
OptionOne = 1,
OptionTwo = 2,
OptionThree = 4,

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You can easily check that by using the following code

int valueFromDatabase = 7;
int requestedValue = 3;
if (((MyFlagsEnum)valueFromDatabase).HasFlag((MyFlagsEnum)requestedValue))
//perform your operations here
return true;
return false;

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