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What is the main difference between “nofollow” and “noreferrer” link from SEO perspective?

Description:Basically what i wanted to know is the difference/differences between "nofollow" and "noreferrer" link, and how does it effect the seo of the website.

Posted by: | Posted on: Jul 18, 2018

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The main difference is that "nofollow" is used by Google, to specify that the Google search spider should not follow that link. "Noreferrer" Specifies that the browser should not send a HTTP referrer header if the user follows the hyperlink.

While from SEO perspective rel="noreferrer" should not have any SEO impact, and "nofollow" clearly specifies that the link does not endorse in any way the target URL.

"nofollow" was invented by Google back in 2005 in order to fight comment spam in blogs, any URL appearing in the comment section would not pass PR to the target webpage.

rel="noreferrer" mainly affects analytics, how did this visit landed to this page? where comes it from? "noreferrer" specifies to hide that kind of information.

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